I have been designing and making clothing, handbags, luggage and accessories for 50 years

in a succession of retail and wholesale venues. I have been an avid cyclist for the same amount of time, involved in different aspects of bicycling road, mountain and touring. In retirement I made bike building “my new canvas” and all of the bikes in this gallery I’ve built from the fame up. Not to be confused with a frame builder, my inspiration was to source different steel, aluminium, titanium or carbon frames, design different paint and graphic schemes,then assemble them with the best wheelsets and components. The goal was to create not only bikes that were lively and responsive also beautiful, mechanical art.

The different categories of bags I make address the varied needs and riding styles of today’s cyclists.

One category is the club rider, who rides 30 to 80 miles in varying weather conditions and needs somewhere to stash a windbreaker or rain jacket mid ride. These saddlebags also carry wallet,phone, tools,spares,lock etc. nicely separated and organized for easy access.  My handlebar bags come in two sizes, have inner pockets for phone and wallet, three outer pockets, silnylon  “showercap” style cover to keep a downpour from filling the side pockets. It has a push button quick release from the handlebar and a detachable shoulder strap.

Touring is another type of riding that my bags are designed for. There are many outfits that make wonderful touring bags. My aim is to not only make bags that are lighter and technically superior to others but strikingly beautiful, designed for your specific bike.  All my touring and bikepacking sets use the KlickFix QR mounting hardware that make attaching and removing bags a breeze.

The bikepacking subset of touring bags are narrower and mount higher than the regular bags to accommodate enough gear for serious off the grid riding, but with weight distributed to not affect the center of gravity, and sized for single track.

My Randoneering bag is styled like the French classic but weighs half as much and is truly waterproof.

All bags are constructed primarily of Marine Grade polyester that is designed not to breakdown from UV exposure.

They are trimmed with various cowhide, goatskin, elk hide skins to provide abrasion resistance. I have used this method, which I think of as an alloy, for all my luggage, that makes for very rugged bags that can last a lifetime.

I use the more expensive waterproof zippers on most zipper pockets. I use two different types of synthetic stiffeners that result in bags that are very lightweight for their size. Everything I do is custom, so if a “vegan” no leather style is required I can substitute ballistic Nylon for leather.

Because every single bag is made by me in my workshop, some taking days to construct, they are not priced like something mass produced. They are for riders who love and are “obsessed” with their bike and need to carry some stuff in a bag styled to look like part of it. After spending thousands of dollars on a bike accessorizing it with a  cheap, “one size fits” all bag is counter-intuitive.

My motto, “bello en selle” ,beautiful in the saddle, is inspired by that Italian sense of style.