Pony Express Bike Packing Set

These panniers offer ample room to actually carry enough gear for adventures off the grid, but unlike the frame bag, giant sausage strapped to the seat post and massive load high up strapped to the handlebar, adventure racing setup.

These bags allow carrying necessities like a change of clothes, some lightweight footwear, rain gear, a first aid kit, food, a stove and fuel. Unlike conventional panniers they are designed to sit above the axles for creek fording, and no wider than the rider to slip through narrow trails.

They are made from marine grade, UV resistant, waterproof synthetic fabric, ultralight stiffeners and are trimmed with real leather. The concho mounted tethers allow extra items to be lashed over the bags, bedroll style. They utilize KlickFix quick release mounting hardware.

STARTING AT $245.00 each
Rear: H 16″/13″ x W 11-1/2″ x D 5-1/2″ | 24 oz.

STARTING AT $235.00 each
Front: H 16″/13″ x W 11-1/2″ x D 4″ | 22 oz.

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